Mina Primary and Secondary School



The staff at Mina School are committed to high quality teaching and learning for all. We offer a creative, balanced and broad curriculum which encompasses academic subjects, sports, social, moral, religious and personal education.

We believe in developing a comprehensive child, putting their needs and interests at the forefront of their learning and encourage them to aspire to be the best version of themselves.

Curriculum Policy

To find out more about our curriculum framework please read our curriculum policy here.

Curriculum Core Values

reflective learners

take pride

problem solving skills

support others

being focused

Somalia’s cultural heritage

Teaching and Learning Policies

Learning at Mina primary school is the main and only focus of our education so to ensure that is happening we have a Teaching and Learning Policy.  This policy aims to ensure Mina primary and secondary school is providing high quality learning experiences that lead to a consistently high level of pupil progress and achievement. 

What does your child learn each day?

Find all the information about our curriculum Subjects and Subject policies at Mina Primary and Secondary school below.